Samuel Emerson Morgan

A site dedicated to my personal and corporate cinematography and editing. I am currently a freelancer in Fort Collins, Colorado, and looking for work.

 About Me


Samuel Emerson Johnson 

My work and aesthetic are rooted in portraiture and humanity. I have a genuine curiosity about the lives people live and a deep interest in the stories they tell. Subjects can feel my fascination, and it inspires them to give genuine, confident, and authentic performances. 

As both a Director and Cinematographer, I try to work swiftly, intimately, and decisively — traveling with subjects through their stories to achieve a true understanding of their character and values. I do my best to bring a hybrid documentary and cinematic-art sensibility to the process that allows me to capture mood, movement, emotion, and beauty while also inspiring unaffected and natural performances. 

My priority is to create and capture authentic images, keep each subject focused on his or their story, then stand back and let the magic happen.